Mocha: Coffee+conversations and Crud..Lots of it.

We decided to have a meet (all scmhrdian’s from chennai) to kind break the ice and stuff, and the place for that was “Mochas”..Now this is the kind place where people with more money than sense go to..which is unfortunately why we all went! (Just for the record altogether I have lived in chennai for >16 years never been here or even the lower toned “Coffee Day” All mothers would love to have me as a son, I know.

Originally only 1 senior was supposed to come to meet the 5 juniors(us) but he got along his pals 5 more! I thought it would be kind wierd and stuff but they were really cool. What gets me is this place. U see boys/girls/a third sex here who come dressed to kill+loaded with the bling $$ + Smoke like chimneys. Now this is kinda a culture shock for me..Cause the hippest(is that a word?) place I’ve been to is Spencers..That too landmark at that! The ambiance is what the suckers come here for cause u got the works..kinda rustic+oritenal touch+Chinese lamps+stream on pebbles -.-

I paid 85 for a goddamn coffee late or whatever the hell it is called in Italian..Daylight or should I say twilight robbery! We had a nice time getting to know each other kinda well before the seniors made their arrival at the show. Some chicken sandwiches for one of my batchmates+ 2 awful coffee’s+some other crap was ordered. The best drink of the day was a glass of water..aah tasted great after the coffee crud.

An actual ‘hookah’ was got in some strawberry flavor and was puffed at like an asthma patient with bronchitis..I and another guy declined politely was amazed at how liberal others were towards it.

One funny/scary/highlight of the evening was when someone broke the bottom part of the hooka machine thing and we had to cough up 3000 for it! Finally after some smart talking by the seniors and 1/2 June (not me, maybe in 2 years..) it was brought down to 1500.

Wierd.Ice melted like wax and soon we were kinda cool but I never really “fit in” with the place..Seems like a matrix with everything so artificial.

Ok, maybe Im making an issue outta this(like I do for everything) and I can hear you say ‘why do u wanna come here and then b*tch about the place’? Fair enough. But I see how materialistic and image conscious the youth are today. Gotta been see in the right places with the right people wearing the right stuff. Geez..Is the opinion of another person so important you have to change for someone else? I think I am still I the past… Venues like the beach are frowned upon cause they don’t have the ‘X’ factor. I wonder..Is it because Im an introvert I feel like this? Or is this a normal current-genx trend? I really gotta admire 1 guy here who was more bold and easy going than the seniors themselves..That’s what I wish I had. I wonder if this is the same culture shock/future shock Im gonnna face at Pune..I have an eerie feeling it is gonna be like that.. But as long as I don’t go to mochas or any thing like that a happy camper.

Ps: We did take a couple of Pics (thanks to the Seniors who came with a neat camera) will try to get pics and upload them!

PPs: here is 1 of them..the hawt dude in the red shirt is me ;p


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