I had a dream..

Last Night. I can remember it very vaguely so here it is:

1) I have a huge heavy bag with me and I set out to go to IIM-A
2) Both my parents say no don’t go, but I left at 4:30 pm
3) As I walk along the road I get tired so take an auto. We chat about how he has seen Kashmir and I say “great”.
4) Auto guy stops at a temple and says this is as far as I can go. Now you have to walk the rest of the distance.
5) I see many people on the left hand side of the street but the right is empty. They shout out to me to come and see some function going on. I run away from them.
6) I finally reach IIM-A but then I see a huge book from space..Its brown pages have something written on them like how I have to complete ’10 steps’ only then I can enter.

And then I wake up..I have had this dream before..I want to dream about something else(don’t ask what :p) but this seems to keep coming back to haunt me..Its not something I dont want to have but I want to know what it fully means. Is the fact that I want to get into IIM but a divine hand tells me I have not done justice to the preperation and not put in enough? Next time this happens, I am suing my therapist. And cancelling my subscription from http://www.whatyourdreammeans.com , what a ripoff.


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