Orkut–The New Net

We all know that the internet is the uber-est thing since ATM’s. I just came across this new concept called ‘orkut‘. I was like ‘meh’ big deal I’ve got yahoo msg and groups nothing can beat that. I did hear of Myspace but it did not have a great reputation. Apparently you get the coolest people there..stalkers+killers+pedos etc. And you know me, always on top of things esp when it comes to the internet. Got an invite from my cousin and bam! This place was really good. Pictures+Profile and the best part was the scrapping facility which is damn easy to use and kinda fun when it is public. It cannot be classified as a pure net forum(no quoting of posts) or stuff like that. I like it!

I met a lot of old school mates from sboa+nps and of course the reason I came here , my scmhrd gang. Nice to see their pics and know more about them. Orkut also has a nice system of cool/trust/sexy karma points which u get based on others anonymous voting for you..So far yours truly has got the cool+trust.Waiting for the last one :p
Another cool feature is the friends list and the communities which u want to be a part of..U can tell a lot from a person from then community he/she joins.

It has been addicting I will admit but as economists say, the law of diminishing returns has caught up with me. Or maybe I just have nothing better to do?


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