Random IITian Facts!

IITians are awesome. CAT is a walk in the park for them. A BLACKI is an an everyday event for them. They land up campus jobs after a UG which is what I hope I will get when I complete my PG . In my 2 years of being caught up with this MBA maze I have been stunned by these guys. They can do ANYTHING! To honour them , I have penned down some of the amazing feats of past/present IITians, and thanks to a lil inspiration from chuck norris 🙂

So without much further ado..

  • IITians can build rome in a day.
  • IITians can simply walk into MORDOR.
  • IITians can prove 0!=1. It is not an axiom for them.
  • IITians can take a horse to the pond and make it drink.
  • IITians can divide by zero.
  • IITians play Minesweeper with real mines.
  • IITians know the colour of water.
  • IITians in USA are not assigned a Social Secuirty number, only an Atomic Number.
  • IITians have counted to infinity. Twice.
  • IITians know the last digit of Pi. I was told it is 7.

  • IITians have the 104th element in the periodic table named after them- IITianium.


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