A Tribute to the Greatest Game Ever – Starcraft

Gamespot, [Click on the title of post to go the link in Gamespot] arguably the best source for gaming on any platform (pc/ps2/xbox) has come out with its Greatest Games of all time- Which includes not surprisingly, my fav game of all time,Starcraft.

I was playing Age Of Empires, which I thought was God’s gift to me when my pal in school (10th std) told me that he just got a copy of this really new aweomse si-fi RTS game, Starcraft. He described it to me so well about how there are three completetly different Races- The nomadic Terran, The Voracious Zerg and the Mysterious Protoss- ..I was enthralled by it. He gave me the CD the next day and once I started playing the game,and was in front of my computer for 14 hours that day. I even skipped school the next two days feigning a fever.

Everything about the game was so perfect. The realistic sounds made by the alien zerg, the shouts of “my life for Aiur” by a Protoss Zealot, the Tactical Nuclear blast by a Terran Ghost taking out an entire Zerg colony! The graphics although 2d were animated for every single unit. You haven’t seen anything until you see a Hydralisk Salaivating.

The story of the campaign was so moving I really felt I was one of them. The Cut scenes 1st time ever for an RTS were so well taken and added so much to the lovely story. The Characters are what made Starcraft- Raynor’s wry and rebellistic way against the Confederate, Arcturus who deserted Kerrigan to the Zergs ,Then Kerrigan became an infested Zerg due to Arcturus’ betrayal ,Tassadar blind faith and wisdom in the Dark Templars , The Terran and Protoss teaming up as unlikely allies to take on the overmind and finally Tassadar sacrifising himself so that Aiur(the Protoss Homeland) could be saved..I really was in tears when that happened. I never wanted the campaign to end. Ever. I played it about 12 times fully so far.

When Starcraft: Brood War the expansion pack came out, I was almost fainted with joy. It was the happiest momment in my life and will be more than my admit to any damn B school. New units- medics for terran, Lurkers for Zerg and Dark Archons for Protoss. And the kick ass story line with Kerrigan playing the pivotal role and the return of my hero, Jim Raynor. The campaign was so well done, and impossibly betters the original. The line where Raynor tells Kerrigan ” It may not be today or tommorow..but rest assured darling..I’m the man thats going to kill you” was my all time best Starcraft moment. It gives me hope that SC-2 will come out in the near future. No other game can ever be as great as Starcraft. Ever. If there is, then let me not hear you as I would have to kill you.

A recent screen shot of a game me vs my pal- Terran Vs Protoss..I better stop now or I will never stop writing about Starcraft..


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