B School Life..

Sorry dear Readers..Now that I’m in Im really outta time let alone access to a laptop and Wi Fi 😦 . Time is short so gonna keep this short too. Once I get Wi fi I will update regularly.

So when A lot has been going on here most of it a lot of fun. Hostel life, loafing around, changing into clothes asking ur roomies to get the hell outta the room when that happens. Apparently a lot of guys here don’t mind -.- Hostel is about 1 km from my campus plus yoga, aerobics and gym in my mode now. So I got a fitness regime thing going on around here! Atleast something to look forward too from my 2 yrs here! Classes have begun the profs are very cool esp the Stats one. The mode of learning is B schooly type with Overhead Projectors and nice ppts by the profs. Already got assignments but thankfully a week to submit them so gotta get to work. I would really love to go into detail but I don’t have the time nor the guts. Keep checking!


One Response to “B School Life..”

  1. Shankar Iyer Says:

    Hmmm..B-Skool Life seems to be getting the Better out of u!! ATB

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