Chase’s Timeless Moments!

Ahh..finally an update !

If you dont know James Hadley Chase, please pay the toll and get the hell outta my blog. The proliofic writer who could effortlessly combine action,thriller,sarcastic wit & unbelieveble plots into 192 pages of pure fun.. I decided to pen down some of the most memorable punchlines from his novels here for the benefit of mankind.

Note: Some u may not get as they have to be read in context. So sue me.

1) –‘He loved nothing better than making a Bently, Cadllic and Proche swerve out of his way’(Lepski while blastting down the freeway in his cop car)

2) ‘He was as useful as a hole in the head/fractured arm’ (Any wimp/useless person)

3) ‘He looked like he was following his Mothers’ Herese’ -(Sam taking his broken nosed boxer home)

4) ‘ seems I have learnt to write Chinese..(looking at a note) You have it[a book] upside down you dope- ‘Funny I thought the whisky was giving me some culture’

5) What a qualms, no inhibitions..she told me her name was Alice…but Im sure its something awful like Delilah/Belusha – (Safer Dead)

6) ‘I could hear his brain creak as he was trying to think’

7)…you mean steal from the rich and give to the poor?..No.. I take from the rich and put the dough in my own pockets – (Have a Nice Night)

8) ‘Put on your skates on and roll baby’ – Mark Girland

9) ‘Next time we meet..the drink is on me’ – Malik to Girland – This one is on me

10) ‘ The deep throated roar remineded me when I threw Reisner into the lion pit..Atleast he did not know what was coming for him..I did’ – Johnny Farrar- The Sucker Punch, after throwing away a million $ to the crowd below

If you haven’t read a Chase book, please do pick up any of them and tell me how much you loved/ha____ it. Will try to be more regular with my blog updates!


2 Responses to “Chase’s Timeless Moments!”

  1. Padmakar Says:

    Had been reading Chase since my college days! Had about 70 of his titles then, but had to sell all of them to feed myself in those difficult days. After settling down had again started the collection and have almost all titles except ‘Meet Mark Girland’ and ‘Meet Helga Rolf’.
    Recently had four ebooks on my iphone.
    Blandish, Fenner, Girland, Helga, Lepski are my favourites.
    pl. expand the ‘quotes’ if u have time.

  2. I wouldnt sell my chases even if I was starving lol…Lepski is my favorite..the quotes are from the book itself..

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