Top 10 List Learnings @ SCMHRD

  1. Before you join, take up MS Excel as a hobby. Why? Two letters-DA
  2. Once the alarm goes off for Non Acads and you feel you have got up 5 minutes before its due, don’t ever go back to sleep. It doesn’t work, trust me. Your bed never looked so tempting.
  3. Whenever you get free time (which is a foreign word here) spend it wisely – Sleep. Anywhere, Anytime and Anyhow.
  4. Sleeping in class is something that needs to be done creatively. Back Benching, Eyes screwed up in deep thought and nodding or the most difficult and but effective sleeping with your eyes open
  5. FCQ’s- Frequently Confusing Quizzes- the three word acronym
  6. The No.6 in the top ten list is always the crappiest.
  7. Caught Sleeping in Guest Lecture Fine- Rs 200. Not attending the Guest Lecture Fine – Rs 200. So if you are a compulsive sleeper then…
  8. People invariably spend more on library dues than you spend on laundry. If you are one of those, please don’t come near me.
  9. When your study group is called for a presentation one of the below is bound to happen:
    • The guy who has the ppt would not have turned up
    • The projector will not work/go off in the middle of the presentation.
    • The only slide you prepared on would have been spoken on already by your best friend
    • The smart alecks of your class will ask you the most complex question for which you don’t have any clue about. Yes, you specifically.
    • And, if you are really, I mean really lucky the Prof will sleep through your presentation. Haha, gotcha!

10. We have informal orders from the top here not to tarnish the institutes name in any way-Blogging, etc. Showed them who’s the boss didn’t I?

(Phone ring…answers..stunned). I’m headed to meet the Director.


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