The 1st day was unforgettable

Something about ____ made an impression
There was no contest. Hands down winner at least in ___ respective field
I then reliazed that I was no contest. At least not at that time
Apparantly everyone share my views.
But as time grew, things changed.
My 2nd pareto was lost but speed was gained.
Did this change things? It sure as hell did, atleast for me.
A lot of events occurred that left me stumped and confused.
My tongue, the tool which I could weave against anyone;
Had lost its once infamous edge. The very same that could;
Spin tales and dazzle the plebian had now recoiled;
Freud’s 1st level was dented;
Was it time to give up and move on?
Looking at the crowd, I recall the apt quote:
‘A winner is one , who quits when he is ahead’
But my mind does not accept it, it snidely suggests:
‘Small drops make a mighty ocean’

I then realized the folly;
I had not made one.


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