A Portrait across the table..

A casual turn of the head;
Crowned by a blazing mane of black;
Cut to a tee, flowing like the Nile;
Perfectly complementing the white pearls;
That speaks volumes and holds untold promise;

One waits in bated breath for it to bechance;
It does;
The prized visage breaks;
Reveals a dazzling radiance;
That would make the moon pull a Houdini;
‘It should be frozen in the sands of time;
Indelible and Inexplicable;
And has the beauty to make the blind look up;
And the pedestrian man blind.

The mellifluous dulcet;
And lo!, The piper would be absolved of his encumbrance;
But would saddle the rest with it trapped in the head of those;
Fortunate enough to be within auditory proximity.
The creator is one of the many caught in the web;
Spun without intention but with facile
Tis’ a sticky situation;
But does the victim want to liberated?
I think not.


3 Responses to “A Portrait across the table..”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    wow!! HaHA Is this truly yours?!
    Never say SCMHRD has brought the poet
    in you out 🙂

  2. @anon
    Damn right its mine..latent talent manifests in such times ;p

  3. brilliant poem..it really is. But I worry! ttys.

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