You smile the entire day, You walk with Your head in the clouds, Your mess food served actually has an aroma , Your every breath of the morning air is crisper, You write nothing related to econometrics in your Econometrics Register, Your class lectures fly by, You become more reckless, You smile at the guy You could never even stand , You dig out and listen to select sappy songs that You considered reserved only for retards, You even get the lyrics for the same, Your friends think You’ve gone bonkers, and the others look at You in a different way, You try study harder for tests , You suddenly become an expert in picasa, You shrug off any wisecracks which You used to take note off, You lose sleep; yet , You are up on Your feet and are raring to go , You listen to stories of the veterans successful or wounded, You start speculating, Your baggage when with her is cotton, without her is a dumbbell, You are insecure, You wait for it to beep, You forget what you were supposed to do next, You consider everything else is secondary, You think hard to become more ‘creative’, You know this will not probably work out but; You still chase this chimerical utopia, You start reading the horoscopes when you have time, You become possessive, You wonder what the other is upto at this very moment, You try hard to keep this yourself, You no longer wince internally when the words ‘cute’ and ‘sweet’ are uttered, You stay up late to finish your diary ,You are more brazen, You know you cant ever get mad at, You end up feeling guilty for a mistake that was not entirely yours, You wonder when you will be promoted, You just want to salvage and smoothen over any potholes, You are lost in random thoughts, You are in a twilight zone, You don’t want this to end.


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