The Message

I can feel it …slipping through my very fingers
Like the grains of sand on a pristine beach
I was riding on the crest of the biggest wave
Overpowering and Overtaking every obstacle in my path
But it seems that the distance is too great to the shore
The momentum once there is slowly waning
The energy to continue has been diffused
It seems like the return of the ancient mariner
Who was down but not out
Knows the secret on taming the seas.

Alas, I am just a novice;
Trying to stay afloat;
Trying to get my share of the air.
As I float across the gentle tides,
I see something glittering, it reflects;
The golden rays of the sun. What is it?
It is an ornate bottle, it bears within it;
An ancient parchment;
It is a legendary myth.
Which unfolds to read:

‘….Many have gone far out to sea,
Armed with the courage and hope
That the prized fish they spotted
In the clear blue waters
Would be taken back as their trophy.
But the seas were too rough that
Cursed beautiful full moon night
And they drowned in their quest
Alas, the hunter became the hunted…’

I stare at the parchment, then tear it up
And scatter the pieces into the sea.
The bottle will no longer carry the fateful message.
For my heart tells me that I am the chosen one;
Who will rewrite the last verses…


3 Responses to “The Message”

  1. You surprise me more and more!
    Have you read the poem ” The Ancient
    Mariner ” by Samuel Coleridge?
    Yours reminds me of that. Are you
    the Albatross or the ancient Mariner
    in your poem ;-)? Keep it up.

  2. God Krishna Says:

    wow.. keep em coming dude.. great one..

  3. Beautiful……….
    You got the ‘ink’ for it too.

    Hey, thanks for visiting. 🙂

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