Break The Shackles

Everything in life is a trade off. To get something we have to give up something. The only you have to be careful about is trying to strike a balance between so that it does not affect the nature of things. It seems that I paid a bit too much for a particular transaction which I seem to feeling the pinch for now. Although I am writing a blog about this, It gives me a sense of perverse satisfaction that I, yes, I, who actually challenged mother nature and have ruffled some feathers. Ever since the fact I could think (long time for that to kick start into action) , I’d never have thought that so much could happen cause of me.

Funnily though, I really don’t give a damn anymore. Let me clarify that whatever I did is completely unintentional. Originally I’d feel insecure and see what could/should be the future course of action. But it seems that the time is finally come to play the game according the rules I set. If they feel they were served a bad hand, well read ‘em and weep cause that’s how the dice rolls. I’ve seen it all, the apex and the nadir and staying in any of them gives more insights and learning about people than just being a middleman

Let nature find its own way to restore parity in the system. We as humans are built on chaos, it resides in us. But we are forced to be subdued by society to adapt to the so called ‘norms’ that it creates and makes us like meek ‘yes men’. Chaos is a fundamental attribute in us and denying that would be denying the very thing that makes us human.


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