Pareto’s FCQ Law: 80% of the time you study for the wrong FCQ and as a result end up with 20% of the marks

Cell’s Law: The time you go to the bathroom is exactly when your cellphone will ring the only time the entire day

Assignment’s Law: When you spend 2 hours working on an assignment all by yourself by taking the initiative, you realize that it was totally unrelated to the actual project

Time’s Law: The class where the professor expects you to be on time exactly will always be the first class of the day

Orkut’s Law: When using a special proxy server to access orkut, the tasteful flash ads will appear as your director passes by.

Pre Quiz’s Law: The 1st time you win the quiz on stage will be at a no name college and the prize will consist of a trophy (nameless and to be given to the college) and 2 certificates. You will not even be on quiz to collect the same.

Quiz’s Law: When on quiz for a quiz in front of the home crowd for a quiz, you will be in the worst of forms.

Extension of Quiz’s Law: When the home crowd leaves after seeing you have no chance is when you make the comeback of the decade.

Hyper Extension of Quiz’s Law: The prize you win after your remarkable comeback will include tea bags, masala packs, salt and pepper shakers, two useless books. Anyone who participated in the prelims would also get the same certificate as you got. And your name would be spelt wrong.

Knowledge’s Law: You will be a stud in the subject which you have never studied your whole life which you will never use. But your specialization+ background+summers subject you will need assistance from someone who has heard of it the 1st time in his life. And he will end up getting more marks than you.

SMS’s Law: When you are expecting a message at 1 am in the morning from someone special it will be from the Airtel operator telling you that the if you don’t recharge you will die in 3 days.

Excel’s Law: When you think you finally master a function after 20 minutes of hair tearing and cursing , you discover that it was probably voted “Most Useless Function of the year 2006” by –

Example – NEGBINOMDIST: (Returns the negative binomial distribution. NEGBINOMDIST returns the probability that there will be number-f failures before the number-s’th success, when the constant probability of a success is probability-s.)

Anonymous’ Law: When you want to remain hidden when you are with someone else is when the biggest loudmouth will see you and make sure that everyone knows what is going on between the both of you.

Power’s Law: The one day when you bring your laptop to college for official work, you get this plan to goof off by writing blogs such as this is when you realize that it is only 30% charged and you have a good 6 hours of class left.

Extension of Power’s Law: You would have forgotten to get the LAN cable and the charger does not work and as you try to update your 2 year old antivirus using a fake serial key, you get a message that the key was already used by some wise guy in North Slovenia.

Study’s Law: Your friend who you decided to team up with to study accounts a week before the big exam will have the busiest week of his life and will turn up at 12:00 at night your door with a sheepish smile when you are just ready to hit the sack or have another agenda lined up.

Hindi Song’s Law: The one hindi song which you listen to everywhere- the laundry room, at a hotel, on the radio which really rocks and you want to get it desperately. Then you realize that when you ask your friend to give you the song, one of this will happen- You forget, you can’t sing or he himself has not heard of it. ( I did manage to finally get it(thanks Matsye!, its ‘Kya mujhe Pyar hain-remix’ from Woh Lamhe, which ironically does not feature a song called Woh Lambhe, another movie..yea I don’t get it too!.)

Free Class’s Law: Out of the III divisions A/B/C/ , your division will be the lot who get a 2 hour class free in between two classes. So unlike the other divisions, one set can get up late the other will leave early whilst you are battling what to do in the 2 hour gap. 2 hours are the worst time period, you don’t know if it’s long enough to go back to the hostel or small enough a period to sleep in an empty library cubicle.

Fine List’s Law: The one time you feel reckless and bunk a guest lecture/batch meet you see that your name heads the fine list (rs 500, up from 200).

Door’s Law: Just when you snuggle into your blankets with the lights off ready to sleep , you will hear a knock on your door, its your neighbor who wants to chit chat. (Worse case scenarios include the paper guy, Sharath and Somnath(the cleaner guys)

Extension of Door’s Law: Your bed will lie the closest to the door and when there is someone at the door, it will be you who always has to do get it. Your roommate will pretend to snore at a volume at that time.

Keys’ Law: The one time you return earlier to the hostel than your roommate is the time you forgot your keys.

Water’s Law: You will feel thirsty only when your water bottle is empty but when it is full you won’t take a drop of the same.

Mess’ Law: The one day when dinner is good at the college mess is when you will be out in the city

Extension of the Mess’ Law: You will never miss the other 6 days’ dinner.

Life’s Law: The girl you are after will be the one every second guy is after.

Blog’s Law: The blog which you think was the best would be completely ignored but the worst blog would be the cynosure of all eyes.


12 Responses to “MURPHY’S Laws at SCMHRD”

  1. Shankar Iyer Says:

    That blog was just too good dude!! Awesome Ilauged away all the way. and could relate it..btw i know who thr big mouth is:)

  2. nice post da. keep it up.but the layout doesn’t seem too user friendly.

  3. Anonymous Law… Hmmm interesting! I think I can take a guess at who you are cribbing about!!! 🙂

  4. Hilarious!!!

  5. amazing stuff AMEX…especially ‘LIFE’S LAW’ – i can understand ur feelings for that one!! 😉

  6. good one!! 🙂 super entertainment in DBA class! 😀

  7. dude.. this really sums it all. u truly r the voice of 06-08 batch of scmhrd.

  8. dude tht really sums it all….. fultoo time pass.

  9. Love the entry man… esp the Blog Law.

    Hey, can you email me ‘Kya mujhe Pyar hain’ song?, if it’s not too big to go thru email.
    im currently digging Hindi songs. thanks!

  10. hey this just struck me while reading ur blog (good job, btw!!).. so i decided to add it as a comment: 😉

    Extension of Cell Law:
    Ur phone will never ring during class on all those days when u remember to put it on silent mode..but the day u forget it will definitely ring during class..esp when the prof is the kind who’ll confiscate ur cell..and its worse when its a msg from reliance asking u to download “hot, new salaam-e-ishk ringtones” for JUST Rs.15!!!!

  11. Story of my life !!
    Nice blog.Keep up the good work

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Hi i am a fellow B-schooler….this is one of those rare occassions when i am leaving a comment…..superb job dude!!!

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