Semesters nearly through

Walks across the street

Movies so far

Bonds of Spies

Packs of Kernels

Times tilt of head on pillar

Coffees on a street-side

Missed chances when biding goodbye



a.m. the best time of the night

Hours, the current record

Little time to see each other

Days of gross misunderstandings


Many to fight off

Insecure and Irrational


Who supported

Who upset the balance

Who have got the ‘like’ status

Who made it this far


Risky to go ahead but;

Painful to let go

















(For those who did not get it, the catch is to prefix “2” or “To” before each line, the fonts will guide you on which one goes before which line..did not want to say this as it kills the mood..but God have been getting feedback that my poetic blogs are like the RC section in CAT 2005! )


9 Responses to “Two”

  1. sounding like RC section is a bit harsh. but, an interesting post. something which would make more sense to the people around you.

  2. ^^ Well Im glad ur able to catch the drift of my poems..As u pointed out rightly, it will/should make sense to my target audience 🙂 ..thats whom its for anyway ;p

  3. Don’t remind me about CAT ! Anyway , a nice one .

  4. Anonymous Says:

    dude am speechless…! love the blogs

  5. thanx dear…
    anyways…lovly post out here..

  6. Bharat Jhurani Says:

    Awesome dude.. POetic!! A code in itself!!!

  7. @akshay: Not about CAT Man!!

    @Anonymous: Dude?!! ;p What its gonna take ?!

    @mona: Welcome and thanks!

    @bharat: Thanks man.. long time no see how was CAT?

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Gud stuff~it jus goes on~flowin~if ya know what I mean…

  9. Srikrishnan Says:

    2 obsessed with CAT is wat i have 2 say 😛

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