1. Why is that the very 1st time I saw you I knew something was going to happen?
  2. Why is that I am tongue tied when I try to talk to you?
  3. Why is that my senses are blacked out when I see you?
  4. Why is that I listen to the same song for over an hour at 1 am in the night?
  5. Why does it seem that the lyrics were meant for me?
  6. Why do I sleep with the cell phone clutched in my hands?
  7. Why is it like the pure rays of the moon on me when it rings?
  8. Why is that to stop thinking of you I have to find a mundane task?
  9. Why have I have failed miserably at the above?
  10. Why is that I’d walk a mile just at the thought of seeing you?
  11. Why is that I enjoy the walk from D hostel to Campus?
  12. Why is that every thing we share is worth more than an ounce of gold?
  13. Why is that you are my theme for dream?
  14. Why is the fact that this will not happen be my nightmare?
  15. Why do I overanalyze everything?
  16. Why am I trying to cut the guardian knot?
  17. Why is that I have to force myself to adapt to your nature?
  18. Why does my heart stop when I hear something out of the ordinary from you?
  19. Why is the log containing over 15447 words?
  20. Why is that you are all what I can talk about to anybody?
  21. Why do I thank the Director for the Venezuela Project?
  22. Why have I spent more time on this than on a WAC case?
  23. Why is there such a sea change in my behavior?
  24. Why did I not get into the Burman Company?
  25. Why do I smile I listen to Cliff Richards?
  26. Why does it pain me when I listen to Madonna?
  27. Why is that you decide what I listen too?
  28. Why is that the sound of your voice gives me goose pimples?
  29. Why can I manage with just 4 hours of sleep a day?
  30. Why is that I can recall every single detail of any of our rendezvous?
  31. Why is that so many words now start to mean so much more now?
  32. Why is that Casino Royale is now my most memorable movie?
  33. Why is that I have blogged more in these 2 months than my whole life?
  34. Why is that every post has something to do with you?
  35. Why did I lose the 1st six months?
  36. Why are Bus Rides back so memorable yet painful?
  37. Why do I keep looking at the artifacts of our voyages?
  38. Why do I wonder what’s the reason you did not reply?
  39. Why am I writing this at 2:40 am ?
  40. Why can’t I dance for God’s sake?
  41. Why were you part of my quiz?
  42. Why do I sleep with a smile on my face after I talk you?
  43. Why do I suffer from amnesia the very next morning?
  44. Why am I reading books on topics which I’d never read on?
  45. Why did I get up early last Sunday?
  46. Why is that your one smile makes my day?
  47. Why is that your very frown wrecks the same?
  48. Why is that not seeing you everyday makes me feel incomplete?
  49. Why is that you can take me to the sky?
  50. Why is that you can crash me into the ground?
  51. Why is that we have to keep waiting?
  52. Why did we miss out on homecoming?
  53. Why did V day almost become D day?
  54. Why is that you are the last thing that’s on my mind before I sleep?
  55. Why is that you are the first thing that’s on my mind after I wake up?
  56. Why is that I am staring into your eyes right now?
  57. Why does everything around me remind me of you?
  58. Why have you done this to me?

14 Responses to “Why?”

  1. Looks like you’ve had it bad 🙂
    Just can’t believe that you have
    metamorphosed from the head of the “Hate girls” group at school, to
    someone who writes poetry at will! Anyway wish you a “Happy Valentines Day”.

  2. You sound like a guy in love! shocked u, did it? dont begrudge the feeling, just goooo0 with the flooooow… All new things are like that you know, needs a lot of getting used to before you can really really appreciate and enjoy it. good luck!! HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!

  3. I’d agree with the first comment. times indeed change.

  4. @anonymous: Hehe..well I wouldn’t go so far as ‘hate’ but intimidated/ing would be closer ;p

    @ladylin: ………… Happy Valtentines to u too 😉

    @k: haha..not u too!

  5. keep guessing Says:

    u gave it all away in this blog dude… i know who exactly the lady in question is now.. now i just have to ask a particular lady with whom she saw casino royale and ill know for sure..
    btw ..u shudve added this to ur blog.. “why do i regret taking up french instead of german?”..
    all the best pal..

  6. God Krishna Says:

    err.. wat happened on ur D_DAY if u dont mind telling me tat…

  7. almost, sweeet. 🙂

  8. so many questions with the single word answer…

  9. @keep guessing: haha..finally! Yea I guess Ill add ur line

    @alok: 😉

    @mona: U said it..not me !

  10. Nice piece of writing dude..
    Well, I don’t know Why I can also related to this poem?

  11. Abishek Says:

    dude.. awesome peice of writing.. i can relate it so much to myself.. now u tell me who the girl is.. i deserve to know for various reasons 😉

  12. @raji: well..welcome aboard!

    @abishek: sure..gimme access to ur profile 1st 😉

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Oh My God! Shefali will be soooo proud of u…seriously what a metamorphosis
    -ur classmate

  14. @anon

    Who is this? Kumar/Kaushik/Razz?? Dont kill me scret NPS classmate!

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