Welcome !!


Yo, so you got here in either of the 3 ways:

1) You went to my orginial blog site http://theroadaheadnow.blogspot.com/ and were redirected here

2) You saw my new blog https://thetemplartalks.wordpress.com while it was in beta stages by trying to see the old blog..

3) You read my diary at nite.

Well anyway, why did I shift to wordpress? It offered easier widget based blogging and much better templates..but wordpress has limited customization so blogger>WP there. Also I finally managed to put in a lot of nifty feefbuner tools like RSS, Flickr etc.. Im gonna try to be more up to date with my blog now..or should I call it wordpress now 🙂

From the artist formerly known as http://theroadaheadnow.blogspot.com/


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