Agent Smith was right..It’s Purpose..

So, I am back at home, where the food tastes much better and I finally have non stop high speed internet access right just 2 rolls away from my bed. Cause the wi fi back in scmhrd aint never gonna be fixed, a trend that will continue as long as communists wear red…
So..Im like chilling at home, unlimited food, TV, Internet and restricted sleep (my mother wakes me up at a harsh 12:30 pm). I never had breakfast at college and not at home too come to think about it. Guess my creative juices (tempted to add something here..but could be kids here flow as moon shines palely above our rooftops. You think I should be having a blast right..well no entirely. Don’t get me wrong, I love being here its just that..there is something missing. No, not the stale odour of my socks that’s been in my laundry basket for a year (mental picture appearing in my minds eye wondering if my brown underwear is in that toxic mess somewhere), but something more…something what we all seek in life..No, not that you sicko. Jeez man get a grip.

‘An idle mind is the devils workshop’..

Not only was the poor guy empty to begin with, but as time grew it just was awarded first for storehouse of most useless information (like did you know that peanuts are used in rocket fuel? I do. See what I’m talking about? ). Now since its Idle, apparently the devil also has joined in with the rest of the gang to really do a number on me.
I guess ever since the 2nd semester once the smoke cleared and dust settling (of the prof’s igniting every known explosive listed in the Al-Queda trainee handbook for new jehads© on my sorry behind ) there was quite a bit of free time on my hands. Its not like I spent that time trying to study to improve my grades cause as I child I knew that was a lost cause ( I actually once failed a drawing test in 9th was to draw some damn sunset or something..mine looked more like the insides of a male tarantula after he has been decapitated by his dear (X)-wife.)


So I did what was the flavour of the season …enter B School contests. I guess other than the learning (there was some, I learnt that even the winner copies stuff off from the net). I guess at another, perhaps higher level, I wanted to absolve myself of my guilt that after such an exorbitant investment in me by my dear parents, I’m not doing anything to justify an ROI. So atleast I told myself that by solving case studies, paper presentations I’m doing something worthwhile. Did it help? Yes, both ways, I did feel good about myself and won quite a few (largely due to the inebriated state of the judges whilst passing judgement on my so called work).

And again the last month in pune before I got here I was working part time with an MBA prep institute that made me feel better about myself.

And here? Look at me ! (you cant actually, just being dramatic) , I’m not doing ANYTHING to improve my skill set, nothing that is going to help me during my FMCG stint. Unless you call planting C4 in a unruly distributors shop or sniping the idiotic customer with a Magnum SG-550 Sniper Rifle for not taking a candy for the 50p change useful… never know 😉


One Response to “Agent Smith was right..It’s Purpose..”

  1. I think the teacher failed you because you didn’t bring colors or something like that. Plus you couldn’t draw for peanuts, literally. (Man..were u podgy back then. Lol)

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