Its *not* about money, honey..

Its about passion.

My passion is quizzing. There. I said it. I guess it developed like this.. Ever since I was a kid, my dad used to get me small quiz packs..something like flash cards for vocabulary that we got for our MBA prep. Me and my sis used it quiz each other all the time with the most irrelevant stuff like “If an orangutan belches at you, watch out. He’s warning you to stay out of his territory” .. I never thought it would be useful for me until PG here..Pune has quite a strong quzzing culture and I was lucky to find a strong quiz buddy of mine- Sivaram who shared my enthusiasm. We are not the best of quizzers, not even good enough for big names like the crucible or BT acumen.

There is just a very very fine line between those making it on stage and those not. Although we belonged to the latter category, I can honestly attribute it to bad luck. Im not trying to defend us. We have this uncanny knack of choosing the ‘other’ option in our minds for a question when we find the ‘original’ one was in fact the correct answer. But we have held our own in quite a few events and managed to rake in the $$, about 20,000 odd. But let me honestly tell you something, Quizzing is something that we don’t no real quizzer would do for money. Its about passion. It can be for anything, as long its your passion.

For Sachin Tendulkar , money is not why he plays for India. He plays circket cause that’s been his dream since he was a kid, to win the world cup for the nation. Similarly, for me quizzing like Mock Cats, are something that I know there are people who will always be better than me. I just go to quizzes which I wont have any idea about ( say like sports, I thought polo was just a mint for 15 years), just to see the brilliant display of talent by me fellow peers.To be in the presence of greatness is the biggest honour. Nikhil & Rohit, you guys set the standards and inspired me. One day, I hope and I know I will make a name for myself in this field just as you did.

Dedicated to every quizzer whose undying love for quizzing will continue forever in the quest for knowledge.


2 Responses to “Its *not* about money, honey..”

  1. I was crazy after quizzing in my engineering days.But never made into inter college competitions.
    Hobby fizzed out when I started working.

  2. Hi Macha
    Happy that someone was inspired.
    Good luck da.
    Stay in touch.

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