Am I writing this?


Im not the kind of  blogger that blogs about the news/govt/global warming and other trivial stuff like that..I am a self serving egotist that blogs only about me, me stuff related to me. 

But I saw this new Cornetto ad and I was simply just struck by it. Why?

1. Fabulous advertising concept that is clear and consistent with the USP of the commercial ( two flavours mixed, and how two bikes get fused into one). I thought it was very creative. 

2. The Fabulous sound track by Jal, (chaltey chaltey) a pakistani band that is worth downloading illegally.

3. Its got a damn cute girl, after some asking around its apparently Amrita Rao (who in main hoon na looked like a vagrant) but here looks like the prettiest girl I’ve seen on TV!! 

4. Cornetto rocks. My favorite ice cream brand!

Full marks, executed perfectly except that dumb looking guy with amrita…helooo mr director…I CAN DRIVE A CYCLE!!! Cast me for the 2nd part of how I take amrtia rao and maliaka arora in triples!!(Ironically am getting my bike and car license training from today 😉 

The ad itself..sigh..amrita



One Response to “Am I writing this?”

  1. yep.. same pinch i also liked this ad when i saw it months ago… kudos 2 guys who break their heads kyun-“demag ki bathi jalane keliye…”
    nice blog as a whole.. cheers…

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