Nehi..mein tez nehi hoon..

After watching about 70 ads per day of “Kya Aap Paanchvi Paas Se Tez Hain”, I was brainwashed into seeing what the show was about since right now the biggest thing Im doing is figuring out the hidden features of my k 510 i cell..apparently it can tell what time it is in nairobi and mexico..if ever in my life I go there..


Firstly, the show is average at best. SRK seems a bit out of place and the theme although is quite akin to a classroom setting (chalk answers, cheating,copy, school bell) it somehow seems vague. I don’t get it,are these kids child prodigies or just walk in’s from the street or some punk kids from Bhoothnaath? 

And coming to the 2nd std maths is “No of edges/points on a triangular prism”..what the hell is up with that..what school teaches this stuff to 6 year olds..Back when i was in the first I learnt not to put the pencil up my nose and pee *only* in the boys toilet. And it took my math teacher 3 months to teach me to count to 35.  The lady contestant was a Phd/school topper etc etc and she had to think for 4 light years before she figured out the largest planet in the solar system..I think maybe she was one my teachers at school. And who was the king/ruler when India shifted capital..and what part of the seed becomes a root in a plant..i couldn’t even recognize the options!

Man am I glad Im through my life @ schooling..Im sure I would have flunked even the third going by the current syllabi of schools. Good job Arjun Singh, if this is the current schooling level at primary levels, Im sure there will be no need for Quota’s at IIT/IIM 😉

Dont want to meet these smart punks where I work..will put me out of a job..


Child Prodigies?



4 Responses to “Nehi..mein tez nehi hoon..”

  1. This is a rip off from “Are you smarter than a 5th grader” hosted by Jeff Foxworthy in the USA. The most obscure questions are chosen in order to decrease winnings. Of course more fun if the smart person fails.
    I feel embarrassed that the Indian 5th grade is on par with the American one. Considering the supposed “high standards” of education it should have been third grade in Indian context. But then obviously no one is checking the syllabi. SRK needs to get a life!

  2. Yes man. Good observations. And Rr is right. It’s a rip off. No difference between plagiarism and inspiration these days.

  3. Hey Raghav,
    Thanks for visiting my blog,by the way we get this show here in Australia with the same name
    “Are you smarter than a 5th grader”.i think weather the saying vasudhaika kutumbakam(earth is one family)is true in real sense but when it comes lifting the themes of the programs they seem to act like family members.

  4. Aap sahi mein nahi hain tez !!..At least a fifth grader would know that light year is a unit of distance and not time 🙂

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