Status Update

Ah, such a warm fuzzy feeling wrting this from my old laptop. Finally got her out of hibernation, with a spanking new battery and charger (which set me back my 1st months salary post college). A lot has happened the past 2 months and although I would like to share and go into detail, Im afraid that I must resist the same. Lets just say that I have come to learn more about my job here and even more about people. It almost seems as deja-vu to me…A similar chain of events occured within the same timeline at hrd. Anyway. I just needed to get that out of the way

Hmm..lot of stuff has been happening around the world too. Lehmans’  Collapase, India beating Australia, Mumbai Blasts.. . But as humans, our toothache is of more concern to us than the poverty of 100 people. But Im glad to see that I am being proved wrong. I hope mumbai just dont forgive and forget.

‘Cause I don’t.


One Response to “Status Update”

  1. work_from_home Says:

    Note that mother-ship’s blog updated. Was put thru the wringer for it. Better read.
    $$ : Pain ratio dwindling. Make amends!

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