Pop Culture in everyday life

the-tipping-point-by-malcolm-gladwell3An interesting concept from The Tipping Point by Malcom Gladwell-    One chapter, for example, deals with the very strange epidemic of teenage suicide in the South Pacific islands of Micronesia. In the 1970’s and 1980’s, Micronesia had teen suicide rates ten times higher than anywhere else in the world. Teenagers were literally being infected with the suicide bug, and one after another they were killing themselves in exactly the same way under exactly the same circumstances. 


  This news spread like wildfire and eventually acted as a ‘permission’ for others to commit suicide.- A Tipping Point. Moot Point at that.


fd1The reason I quote the above is because you see the world based on events that affect your everyday life. I just saw the Final Destination series – for those who are not aware of the cult hit, it’s about how the protagonist has a vision of seeing his death and people’s around him based on certain signs. After seeing FD-1, I skipped using the water geyser in my hotel room as that is the no #1 cause of people getting pwnd in the movie 😉 I ended up freezing my butt in the cold shower for the next two days. What’s worse, the towel of the hotel was the size of my shoe cleaning cloth. Wet, Cold , alone and  freaked out at 1 am in the Not a good state to be in.

 Continuing the ‘signs’, I recently went to a garbage dump (its part of official work, don’t ask.) I could see about a million kites/hawks there looking at me menacingly waiting for me to become their dinner menu, a scene quite reminiscent in FD-2 where doves are indirectly the cause of death of one of the victims of fate. Moving on, I saw a  donkey  with a rope around to his neck, the other end of the rope fastened to the ground with a 4 feet wooden stopper. Suddenly,  the donkey went mad (probably from chewing a Bengali rap video DVD or something), broke free from its shackles and started  running around the dump with the wooden shrapnel stump flaying about dangerously- another scene directly out of Final Destination 3 – Except it was a pretty white horse in a carnival in that.


I recently started to take an affinity to swimming , and I soon realized the worth of the clichéd term- ‘ I can’t swim to save my life’. I just went from my so self imagined Ian Thorpe in a pool to Govinda playing a game of chess. Let’s just say that I’m now stuck practicing my so called strokes at the kiddie end of the pool.  Hell , if Richard Branson can learn how to swim the first time(Screw it, lets do it, his book, there’s no reason why i can’t follow suit is there ? 😉 – Ironically, he has nearly killed himself swimming, flying on a plane, flying on a hot air ballon – I’m not here to tease Grim Death as much as he did- seeing the Final Destination series is fateful enough!






saw5I’ve heard a lot about the Saw franchise(listen to the theme song- the final test, its kick ass)  and couldn’t resist myself when i finally got hold of the same a couple of days back. It talks about a crazy psychopath who places his ‘victims’ in traps/games that they must beat to survive for petty crimes they have committed.   A very long shot parallelism can be drawn to the Tamil Film- Anniyan where the chief anti-hero character Vikram kills people in a very graphic way for the sins they have committed. I can get on board with Anniyan atleast, since the victims were sinners guilty of crimes of quite epic proportions. Whilst in Saw, it seemed very absurd that 1 man tries to put people through hell and convince the fuzz that he is doing it for ‘peoples on good’. Sorry, that just won’t do.





 However in the Saw series, the the chief baddie (Jigsaw ) has 1 simple message for all his victims-  ‘Those who do not appreciate live, are not worth living’.

Although that does fit the bill for a striking movie line – it seems a           bit over the edge. But a grain of truth is present in that statement , and I’ve come to realize it (luckily without having to be a part of the movie brrr). We sometimes take a lot of stuff for granted- family/friends and even our own lives. Don’t wait for your wake up call to remind you that you’re lucky 😉

I hope you have not gottten the impression that I’m a maniac depressed goth or something, I’ve been wanting to write about something that has really got my imagination working overtime for the last month or so- Out of the ordinary books like Tipping Point/Black Swan and crazy over the top movies like F.Destination and Saw 😉

There is a tipping point for everyone . Every event, although seeming irrelevant, is part of a bigger purpose, part of a plan. Nothing seems to make sense if seen in isolation. You just need to look at it closely and connect the dots. 


As Jon Locke said in LOST- Everything happens for a reason.













                                                                                                                         Do you believe it?


6 Responses to “Pop Culture in everyday life”

  1. There is a verse in Bhagwad Geeta that means ” No one dies , no one kills, its all about Maya “. That garbage dump was genuinely spooky. But more than that of FD, it reminded me of that famous Alfred Hitchcock flick ” Birds “. Just 2 enlighten u in that flick birds actually kill people…..

    The Donkey reacted that way coz it had accidentally chewed upon a poster of Rajni movie, & thus got berserk, lol…..

    Dont worry dear even if death had to give us a sign, he will not, coz we r not worth it, ha ha ha…

  2. writing pretty well i see 😉 enjoyed reading teh blog!

  3. Nicely framed. I also see a bigger purpose in you writing this blog, which I would love to see you publicize. I assume that you are “lost” but am sure you will see your “final destination” soon!

  4. I am glad that you have some time to ruminate about life’s bigger pic.. And Gladwell will be proud that you connect such pop-culture events (although not shining example of finer aspects) to define new insights..

  5. u r goin crazy…maybe too much work. take a break and go to delhi :P.

  6. Good blog, nice to know there is a deep side to you, than just your fascination with pop culture.
    And I am inclined to agree with atlee, maybe you should take a break and go to delhi. 

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