The Hand that Rocks the Dance Floor!


Hand of God!


An amazing night at Some Place Else, with Hip Pockets belting out rock songs & had the audience eating out of their hand. I did a solo act there and it was turned out to be quite a fun experience. As usual  the bartender had to get my lime juice order wrong and give me lime juice with soda. Ughh. Anyways, more than just the music, the crowd is equally intriguing. I saw a 60 year old guy who seemed to be completely at home  with the 20’ish crowd. You can spot a 1st timer/socially awkward guy in a flash. He would come in with his hands in his pockets & try to look cool/try to fumble around in his cell phone/lean against the bar pretending to wait for his imaginary friend. Been there done that.


And of course, one of the better parts of the night is the inflow of the PYT’s (Pretty young thangs) that keep the place hot & happening. There was no dearth of ‘em last night too [ one of the pluses of going solo ;P ] . The payment system here is one for the books, you just give your credit card at the beginning when you order, and the waiter comes over every 30 mins to refill your drink and after your  done, he will automatically give you the bill (your too wasted to care/count). To keep track of so many customers with no real lighting speaks volumes on the caliber of the staff. It’s a pity that the band wound up by 12:30 which seemed quite premature. Am going there to get my 2nd helping though!


The one time the crowd waits for a guy, it’s the TOI Page III dude. He would come in here Hi Fi the regulars and keep his eye out for the PYT’s/ Foreigners who would grace us with their pompus aura of being agreeable with the desi crowd as this place is worthy enough for them to feel at home. As the camera went clicky, I was totally ignored (understandably) by the same but as you can see, my hand (circled in green) managed to make the cut. I was just a flash in the pan, but you’ll get the complete picture once things develop J  I give myself a +5 for punning. Time for the 2nd greatest act in 2 days, another visit to S.E!


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