When mys sister first called me up & told me the news, I couldnt believe it. M.J was more than just the king of pop for me. He defined english music for me. He was M.Tv. We used to watch a show on DD 10 years back sponsored by Pepsi where the latest english music songs were played, and invariably MJ’s songs would be lions share of the entire show. I actually bought the orignial casettes of Bad/thriller/dangerous as and when they came out, which was an event @ my house. I can still recall going through the leaflet of dangerious as I’d try to sing along to the songs with the lyrics in my hand. The anticipation we had when one song got over and the next was gonna come was something that I can still recall to this date. …as I write this, VH1’s doing an awesome tribute to the king, playing all his songs back to back which is just taking me down to a trip on the memory lane.

Some of my personal favourites would have to be  History, Who is it, Smooth criminal (the video still gives me the goosebumps) ,man in the mirror stranger in moscow. Every video of his would be so unique and invariably feature a cameo from a A list star(liberian girl) or animation which was ahead of its time( why you wanna trip on me). Stating the obvious,MJ’s dancing would inspire even 2 left footers like me to secretly try to ape him in my room. Legends never die, they will live on through their art.




One Response to “M.J”

  1. raju's neighbor Says:

    It is incredibly sad to lose MJ. Each of us became a dancer, singer and a star because of him. With his passing I do feel like I have to let go some bit of my childhood.

    Nicely written piece.

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