2 States :The Story of my marriage- Review

Normally, Im not the book review types- atleast not blog about it. But this book was so good, I couldnt help myself.


I picked up 2 states…by Chetan Bhagat (5 point someone fame) from Ambience Mall in Delhi for a good flight book back to hell (kolkata). Normally I would kid myself telling me I would read books on a flight to make even the two hours count like Im some kind of big shot businessman who uses every minute to be productive. I can safely say that pretending to do that was one of the best decisions Ive made 20,000 ft in the air. The book has a very simple premise as mentioned in the blurb. Boy loves Girl, Girl loves boy, they get married, but in India the boy+girl+families from both sides gotta love everyone else remotely connected for it to work out. CB has played out the characters smartly with a role reversal ( Boy is from North –punjab & girl is Tam Bram) which well seems to be the opposite in most cases in reality (mine for example 😉 . From the meeting in a B School to juggling high flying corporate careers and weird families, this book is sure to immerse several couples into its 270 pages of wonderful narrative style. I really was not able to place the time period of the book though, seemed a little dated (probably early 90’s ) going by the ‘jaw dropping’ salary( 4 lacs p.a.!!) offered by the MNC joined by the protagonist. Reading about the blatant and exaggerated stereotyping of South Indians was a little insulting and amusing at the same time. I couldn’t help but agree with the observations made – ‘Knowledge is what Tam Brams seek/Education is the highest honour’ to ‘ Dark and Mustached and Rajini worshipping’. The scenes of a punjabi struggling in chennai – autos/no non veg/no beer + ultra conservative had me smiling the entire time. There is a scene in Ratna Stores – the beloved wholesale utlity store thrown in to complete the Chennai experience!

There has been an excess family drama thrown in for good measure, Im guessing to empathies with the hundreds of couples whose North-South Chasm is widened by such narrow minded families, but a harsh reality mentioned candidly by the author.  Guilt Trips glaore – mother vs girlfriend will make the concerend reader squirm endlessly. I will not complain about my family no more 😉 

The romance between the two is brought out very neatly with of course the physical intimacy teasingly left to the readers imagination. Girls would melt on antics don by the protagonist to win over the family of the his girlfriend.. Guys would be up the entire night having to listen to their girlfriends on the above. Boy takes tuitions for girls brother for IIT coaching at 5 in the morning..man what some guys do to get a girl..Id sacrifice 5 years of my life rather than getting up at 5 in the morning unless there was a Counter Strike Tournament or something! I am so gonna get screwed btw. The part where the boy has to choose between Delhi and Chennai as his job location preference brought me out into a cold sweat, as if I had been a subject in CB’s preliminary research for the book! I deliberately don’t want to give away the plot, its fairly simple, but wish to highlight that this book will closely connect to so many people out here in India who face the same issue that the couple face in the book. The beauty of the book is the way it is handled and the empathy that will be evoked from the reader. I actually found myself looking for clues on how to deal with such issues from the book like im sure a lot of guys in the boys place would..

Highly engrossing and very lump-in-throat, this book is a winner from the page 1. Would make a great gift to your someone special and a good hint hint book too 😉 

Highly Recommended Reading.  Dedicated to everyone who went through what Krish and Anaya went through 😉 Need I say more? There, you’re here in the blogs again!!


7 Responses to “2 States :The Story of my marriage- Review”

  1. I agree, the book is very witty and cleverly written.
    I only hope that most couples don’t have to go through the hell of impressing the parents, as they did in the book

    P.s- as my cooking skills aren’t going to put me in the hall of fame any time soon..:)

  2. It takes guts to be in Dilli for Diwali

  3. “Boy loves Girl, Girl loves boy, they get married, but in India the boy+girl+families from both sides gotta love everyone else remotely connected for it to work out.”
    I totally agree with this statement!!

    Great review btw..

    🙂 Will pick this book up…and add my expert comments later..

  4. hey… wat a coincidence.. i wrote about it too!!! chk it out !

  5. I would have counted the many times the book wud have Seri Seri Illa Illa Something Something.. And the book is sure a mixture of good humor and important decision making… No wonder cocktail marriages (Thats wat we pseude urbans call mixed marriages) are so difficult to achieve in the first place… all i can say is, gud book and the first thing m gonna do is search for that Guru in Pondy…

  6. this was the awesome buk dat i hv read in ma lyf
    and was also the frst buk.actually i dont read any buk bt as al ma frds were interested in reading this buk so much dat they didnt even cared me when go to thr hus .I was lik wt?? a buk made my frds nt care me so much and i thought to see once bt even i sticked to it Woww….

  7. Just Finished reading this book.. really a gr8 book to read. Am sure many guys will be able to relate ananya with there ananya but am sorry for myself could quite able to picture my ananya….

    Sir ur this blog could have been more than a review if you would have told us something about ur ananya, or your diwali in dilli etc…

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