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Hell, Its about Time- Starcraft II , New Laptop etc..

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , on October 22, 2010 by raghavr24

Well, its finally happened… We’ve seen good times together, have taken her out a lot, lot of sleepless nights (gaming ;p) and well was getting a bit expensive at the end. We had to let her go. So far my dear HP nx7400

I guess it was destiny when it gave out and Starcraft II was released. I must be the only guy who would get a new laptop – good enough to run a PC game not the other way around ;P

Ive also got mixed feelings – Why? after 3 days trying to install the cracked version of Starcraft II (apologies blizzard) – but this time even the wiliest of hackers couldnt get through Starcraft II’s anti crack software. I was up for 2 nights trying to tie the gaurdian knot. I realized that for a game like Starcraft II, I would dishonour it if I did not buy the original version, which I did later – under a timespan of 2 minutes. 59.99 $ was the price and,hell its worth every single penny.

Initial thoughts-
Graphics are amazing, destroying the environment has never been so much fun. Campaign is a bit RPG’ish, missions are very fun and hopefully will lead up to continue the great epic left from Brood War. I am a bit disappointed that the terran music has not be fully retailed from SC1, but the 1 song retained and remixed is something that will give you goosebumps.

Have a list of games I want to try, but seems like after inaugurating SC II, everything else will be treated with a jaundiced eye!