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Top Ten most influential songs of All time.

Posted in Passions with tags , , on January 28, 2010 by raghavr24

This is my personal list, and its killed me that I needed to drop a couple of songs..but here’s my list. Order is Random!

1. Stairway To Heaven – Led Zep : Tried forever to get it as my ringtone. The guitar riff by page/plant is to die for at the end. Responsible for 2 decades of Air guitar for every teenager at home

 2. Owner of a Lonely Heart- Yes : Heard this sweet alternative in T.C , Delhi and feel in love with music

3. Be Yourself – AudioSlave : My current head banger, the lyrics is something that I feel deeply about. Be yourself!

 4. Boulevard of Broken Dreams: Green Day : Heard it first on Yahoo! Radio, played it like 100 times the same day. Perfect for long road trips

5. Elenor Rigby : Beatles : Very weird lyrics and unlike the normal psychedelic rock of the Beatles. But I guess that’s what makes it so awesome.

6. What if God was One of Us : Joan Osborne – Heard it as a kid… nostalgic memories and a fabulous song

 7. Rock you like a hurricane: Scorpions : The best head banger song in Some Place else!!

8. Money for Nothing: Dire Straits: Was my caller tune for 3 be awesome. It is.

9. Coming Back to Life: Floyd : Would be an outcaste if no floyd..but yea, this one is as good as High Hopes.

10. Other Side: RHCP : Probably the only group that has stuck with me since I was in school. The entire album of Californication was unreal.

Special mention to MJ,Madonna..your too good to be listed ;P


Music appreciation Musings.

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , on June 8, 2009 by raghavr24

All hyped up with my new Ipod Nano (courtesy sis) + a drink at T.C in Delhi has got me very curious about the english rock music scene. I was blown away with Yes-Owner of a lonely heart and decided that there’s more where than came from.
Got AC/DC, Led Zep, Guns & Roses, ,Bob Dylan..either I am not musically inclined or I just don’t get what the big deal is. I did listen to most of them, and honestly barring the famous ones (stairway to heaven, sweet child of ,mine etc), I did not fancy a real ‘adoption rate’ for anything else..hmm i guess being 24 makes you a laggard in this rock song appreciation business! For now, its back to my original select few songs & my nostalgic tamil mp3 songs. For those down south, I highly recommend . Its more of the memories that each song brings then the actual melody!